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**The Seer**
John Black is not your average teenager. Having just experienced his 16th birthday, his world is turned upside down when he realizes that our universe is actually made up of two independent realities and that he is the prophesied savior of both of them. As the new leader in the battle of good and evil, he must discover in himself the strength and friendships required to ensure that the world as he knows it continues to exist.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

The plot thickens

I have started to really get into the gritty part of the plot now. I did have one part where I had a moment of writers block wondering where to take the characters next, but I think I have cracked that. Someone suggested that I write the dramatic parts and then go back and fill in the part leading up to it, but I haven't done that. Why? Because I think that lead up should be a fluid as the drama and I feel if I wrote it in chunks I would lose that fluidity of thought that I have. I just gave myself a moment of time and it came to me. I knew where I wanted them to end up next, so I just had to work out how to get them there.
Anyway, the characters are starting to get into the thick of it now at my end... I hope your enjoying reading the start of how they get there at yours. 

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