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**The Seer**
John Black is not your average teenager. Having just experienced his 16th birthday, his world is turned upside down when he realizes that our universe is actually made up of two independent realities and that he is the prophesied savior of both of them. As the new leader in the battle of good and evil, he must discover in himself the strength and friendships required to ensure that the world as he knows it continues to exist.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The end is nigh

Finally I can see the end coming that bit closer. I finished another chapter and I am now starting to wrap up the loose ends in the book before I sign it off as "finished". Its funny but as I race towards the end I am starting to feel strangely nostalgic. It has been such as marathon of experiences not only for me as writer, but for my characters in this novel. Often I would find myself in the midst of an adventure not knowing entirely where the plot was going to lead me next only to be surprised myself with how the tangled web would unfold before me. And now its nearly all over. 
And the work of editing and re-editing will have to begin.
Well...maybe first I will have a strong cup of coffee. You should never have to think too hard without it.

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